Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Snapshot Solution GUI

Hello Guys

In continuation of my first script, I am again writing another script to play around with VMware Virtual Machine's Snapshot but with a GUI and Take/Commit(Remove) snapshot functionality.

There are many scripts available on Internet to report/manage VM's Snapshot automatically so what does this has to offer. Here couple of things which can be taken care with the help of this GUI Script.

1.    Connect the VMware vCenter Server w/o VI Client or Webclient
2.    Single console to list most of the required information
3.    Highlights VM's Name in case of low disk space (Yellow if less than 50Gig & Red if less than 25Gig free in the affected Datastore). It helps to identify the Datastores with critical status.
4.    Anyone can use this after single session (helps to offload the task w/o risk)
5.    Not only Snapshots but VM's information is also available including RDM
6.    Virtual Machine button populates information about each registered VM in columns VMName, Host, Cluster, PowerState, ToolsStatus, Snapshots, RDMs, MemoryMB, ProvisionedGB, DatastoreName, DatastoreCapacity, DatastoreFreeSpace, OS
7.    Snapshot button populates information about all the Snapshots of registered VM in columns VMName, SnapshotName, SizeInGB, CreatedTime, AgeInDays, Datastore, DatastoreCapacity, DatastoreFreeSpace, OperatingSystem, CreatedByLogin
8.    Datastore information is available even if VM Configuration (VMX) or Disks are attached from multiple Datastores.
9.    Buttons get disable and enable to avoid confusion & mistakes
10.    Manual credentials and Use Windows Login Credentials, both the options are available
11.    Status bar reflects the status of the Commands or Warning
12.    Use Alt+<Highlighted Letter> if you wanna avoid using Mouse

1.    .Net Framework 4.5
2.    Powershell 5.0 (Not tested on earlier versions)
3.    PowerCLI 6.0 U3 (Not tested on earlier versions)
4.    vCenter connectivity (required ports shouldn't blocked)

Give it a shot and looking forward to hear from you


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  1. Included couple of things like Passthrough Check Box, disabled login unless you type in vCenter Text Box etc.